Conquer The World

Award winning boardgame for
iOS, Android and Mac platforms

Kheshig Knight Warrior

Kheshig is a boardgame for iOS, Android and Mac platforms.

Cross platform multiplayer - play against your friends online.

Your mission is to conquer the world with your knight warriors. You play against your device.

You will defend your treasure with your warriors. And your bomb can defeat your enemy.

You and your enemy will move your warrior in turns, and you can move your warrior up, down, right or left on the board.

Some places on the board can’t be moved on, like if the place have a rock on it.

If you or your enemy attacks then the warrior with the highest dice will win the place.

The player who finds thes enemy’s treasure wins the game.

The play who finds the enemy’s bomb will loose the game.

Kheshig Characters

The game can be played in 6 different worlds, with its own landscape and character. Read more about the characters here.

Game In Game Video

Here you can see video from the game.

Game Guides

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Game Testimonials

This game have won several awards, and have great reviews from the users and review sites.

Read some of the testimonials here.

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